Lock Replacement Richmond Hill

Sometimes keys can break in locks, locks can become old and degraded, or a simple upgrade is required in order to bolster and security concerns. In these instances lock replacement is required; a process by which the current lock system is taken out and substituted for a more effective lock. Whether you require front door lock replacement, office, bathroom, or window, our professional staff can replace your damaged or outdated lock equipment and install a new more productive system...

24 Hour Locksmith Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Lock And Door Service offers 24 Hours Locksmith in Richmond Hill, ON as one of it may locksmith services. In the event of a lockout or other emergency locksmith situation, Richmond Hill Lock And Door Service offers 24 hour locksmith services for Richmond Hill residents. Our trained locksmith team is adept at resolving any possible complication in a swift and efficient manner. Our staff is available to respond to your emergencies, and will arrive as quickly as possible to relieve your residential and commercial distresses as part of our 24 hour locksmith service...

Doors Repair Richmond Hill

At Richmond Hill Lock And Door Service we provide the sales,service and installation of basic and high security doors for residential, commercial and institutional in the Richmond Hill, ON area. Our security doors and basic door installation department has been repairing, rehanging, and installing doors in Richmond Hill for over 17 years. Our technicians are trained in the installation of fire rated  Doors, aluminum doors, and custom building/store fronts with aluminum framing, and custom wood doors...


Have you ever lost your car keys? For those who have you understand how bothersome it usually is. Lacking your car keys, means no transportation and no way of getting to your workplace, school or anywhere else. You can fix this issue by calling a reliable Richmond Hill Lock And Door Service to replace your car keys right away.


Lock Re-Key Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Lock And Door Service offers lock re-keying services in Richmond Hill for all residential buildings or homes. Lock re-keying is the process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape and size, rendering any current key sets incapable of entry. As opposed to having to replace your entire latch system upon the misplacement of your keys, lock re-keying is a more effective form of protection. After the process of re-keying the locks in your residence is completed, you are then issued a brand new set of keys associated with the newly structured lock. Our expert locksmith technicians can re-key any lock in your residence and in the event of key misplacement or lockouts, can restructure the lock quickly and efficiently. New keys will be provided once the process is completed.

lock re key Richmond hill


The word locksmith is usually associated with someone dealing in traditional locks. However, today, many hi-tech security systems are also available. Modern locksmiths handle sensitive security systems, install the systems, offer recommendations regarding the best security systems and undertake upgrade and maintenance of the security systems. Because a security system needs to be in top-notch condition at all times, you want to ensure that it is well taken care of. Therefore, in addition to installation and expert locksmith will also offer services such as maintenance to keep the security mechanisms in a fine condition. This way you can rest easy knowing that whether you are at work, enjoying a favorite hobby, or sleeping, the security system is keeping your home and place of business safe and secure.

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